Photo: Laura Vanzo

Social Program

Welcome reception offered by the city of Tampere

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018.
Venue: Tampere Old City Hall, Keskustori 10.
Duration: 19:00–20:30.
Price: included in the congress registration fee, advance registration required.

The City of Tampere invites the participants of IIPF2018 to the Tampere Old City Hall on Tuesday, August 21 at 19.00-20.30.

The Tampere Old City Hall (Tampereen Raatihuone) is a neo-renaissance building, situated at the edge of the Tampere Central Square. The Old City Hall was built in 1890 and was designed by Georg Schreck.

Please remember to indicate your participation to the Welcome reception on the registration form even though it is included in the congress fee. Please note that it might not be possible to register to the reception on-site.


There are three excursion alternatives to choose from for Wednesday afternoon, August 22, 2018. Please remember to indicate your participation in one of the three alternative excursions on the registration form even though it is included in the congress fee. Please note that it might not be possible to register to the excursions on-site.

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018.
Duration: 16:00-18:30 (Exact time may be subject to change).
Price: included in the congress registration fee, advance registration required.
Minimum number of participants required for the excursions: 50 persons on the boat trip, 15 persons on the walking tours/tour.

EXCURSION 1: Boat trip on lake Pyhäjärvi, duration two hours.

The cruise will take two hours and will give you a chance to see the beautiful lake views around Tampere. There will be coffee served on the boat.

EXCURSION 2: Walking tour along the Pyynikki ridge, duration two hours.

The walking tour will take you along the world’s highest esker formed during the Ice age. You will also be able to enjoy the lake view from the ridge. During the walking tour you will see Pispala, a residential area with narrow streets and beautifully renovated wooden houses. Pispala used to be home for railroad and factory workers but is nowadays one of the most popular residential areas in Tampere. The tour will include a stop for afternoon coffee.

EXCURSION 3: Walking tour in the historical industrial center of Tampere, duration two hours.

The congress assistants will walk the participants first to the former Tampella linen and iron industry factory area dating back to 1842. From Tampella area the walking tour will take you through the national landscape of the Tammerkoski rapids to the Finlayson area, where the old textile factories date from the 1830’s. You will see the historical industrial buildings which nowadays house museums, restaurants, apartments and offices. 

The tour will include a stop for afternoon coffee.

Congress dinner

Date: Thursday, August 23, 2018.
Venue: Restaurant Paja at Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere.
Duration: 19:00–23:00 (Exact time may be subject to change).
Price: included in the congress registration fee, advance registration required.

The Congress dinner will be served at restaurant Paja, situated in the congress wing and at the ground floor of Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere, Ratapihankatu 43.

Please remember to indicate your participation to the Congress dinner on the registration form and please note that it might not be possible to register to the Congress dinner on-site.

Alternative Social Program on your own

Ticket to Moomin Museum at Tampere Hall 10 € by showing your name badge (normal price 12 €)

The world’s only Moomin Museum is located at Tampere Hall, Yliopistonkatu 55, very close to the IIPF 2018 congress venue. If you wish to visit the Museum, please, show your name badge to get a reduced price of 10 € (normal price 12 €).

Further information about the Moomin Museum:

Excursion to Mänttä for accompanying persons

Thursday, August 23, 2018

You will have a chance to experience beautiful Finnish nature and cultural attractions by participating in a full day excursion to Mänttä. During the trip, you will be offered glimpses on the Finnish industrial history, picturesque Finnish countryside as well as great artistic and architectural pearls.

The small town Mänttä is located some one-hour drive north from Tampere. Mänttä has its roots in Finnish paper industry, and nowadays has a vibrant art scene. The newly renovated art museum Gösta offers exquisite art in breathtakingly beautiful Finnish scenery, while the museum Gustaf presents culture through experiences. Lunch will be served at Gösta’s top-rated restaurant, which favors local, high-quality ingredients and seasonal treats.

The cost of the Mänttä excursion is 88 €/person. Please book your tickets well in advance on the registration form.  You may register one or more accompanying persons to the excursion. The excursion will be organized if a minimum of 30 persons will register on the excursion.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the excursion to Mänttä!

Agenda for the Mänttä excursion:

09:00 Bus leaves from Tampere

10:15 Welcome to Serlachius Museums

10:15 Auditorium at Museum Gustaf
A short film, The Story of Serlachius, introduces the viewer to the lively history of a Finnish forest combine by the name of G. A. Serlachius Ltd., by no means forgetting humor, either. The duration of the film is 30 minutes.

10:45 Guided tour at Gustaf
The life at the former head office, architecture and exhibitions.

11:45 Paper Devil
The permanent exhibition in the Gustaf Museum tells the story of the petulant paper mill owner in a completely new way. Paper Devil offers a dramatized and visual experience in the exhibition. The phases of the mill owner’s life takes the spectators from one scene to the next and from one atmosphere to another. Serlachius himself, his family, enemies and friends each have their say.

12:15 Bus ride to Gösta museum.
The group uses its own bus for transportation.

12:30 Lunch at Restaurant Gösta Pavilion lunch.
Season lunch, consisting of main course, fresh green salad and a sweet dessert. Including a cup of coffee or tea.

13:45 Guided tours at Gösta.
During the guided tour the highlights of the Art Museum Gösta will be introduced to us, both the manor and the pavilion. The old manor shows us the pearls of the Golden Age of Finnish art from the collections of the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation. We also get acquainted with the top artworks at the exhibitions of Gösta’s new pavilion. The guided tours provide us with more information on the architecture of the pavilion, its construction, the phases of the Joenniemi manor and the colorful life of the industrialist family of Serlachius.

14:45 Tour without guide in Gösta museum

15:15 Bus leaves to Tampere, arrival at 16:30